Low Carb Keto Lemon Bars #ketolicious

2015-09-10 18.21.37

  I LOVE LOVE me anything lemon, pie, bars, ice cream you name it […]

My Keto Journey August 3rd 2015

I am so happy to report that I was able to overcome quite a […]

Keto Low Carb Chicken Quesadilla #Ketolicious

2015-07-18 14.32.15

 As I mentioned before I LOVE Mexican food. Gosh what is there not to […]

My Keto Journey July 8th 2015

It seems like I have had a battle with food most of my life […]

Pics of Progress August 2015 -45 lbs lost


When I restarted doing Keto back in May 2015 I knew that I needed […]

A week of NSV and a small slip up while being on Keto Low Carb


W0OT!!!! NSV for sure =-) 1st I declined to go to a specific restaurant […]

My Keto Journey July 14th 2015

Face pic July 14 2015

Ok so today completes my 7th week on my keto journey doing low carb. […]

My Keto Journey June 29th 2015

I started my first go at keto back on November 1st 2012. From November […]


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