Restarting Keto low carb for the unknown number of times

HBiC, 01/30/2017

Man oh man I have been on and off this keto wagon so many times and then I get back to it and I say oh this time will be different I am going to stick to it but I don’t and then I knock myself down.

Well NO MORE!!!

I am doing keto (Low Carb) now but I am conscience that at some times I might want to go out and have a regular meal and I might go off for a weekend here and there but I am NOT going to punish and feel bad about myself for doing so.

I am going to take it one day at a time and do the best that I can.


So I started a all water fast at 11pm January 22st, I stayed on the water fast for 6 days and ended it at 11pm January 28th. I could have went longer and I did not have any issue with the water fast. I did not have hunger pain but my boyfriend was missing having supper and meals with me so that is why I ended it. I knew that once I ended my fast would go on to keto so that is what I did. BTW I lost 16 lbs during my water fast.

Today January 30 I am currently weighing in at 281.6 lbs

I pre-cooked the majority of my upcoming meals on Sunday and I am looking forward to a great start. I am hoping that since I was already fasting I will not experience the keto flu.

I am on the right track and can’t wait to share more of my experience with you.

Thank for reading.


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