Pics of Progress August 2015 -45 lbs lost

HBiC, 08/06/2015

When I restarted doing Keto back in May 2015 I knew that I needed to do things different this time around if I wanted to succeed. As a single mom of 3 kids and barley no family members I do not have a great support system at home, I find that this is needed to be successful.

I belong to 2 closed group on Facebook and it is always very motivating and interesting to see people transformation and pictures are real motivating. The people in the group are so kind and positive. I find that to be around people who understand you is so great. These people are my rock for this adventure of mine and I could not do it without them in my corner.

I decided that I would try to fish out some of my picture to do a before and during (now) to compare.


let me tell you even as I say oh I lost 45lbs in the last 2 1/3 months it sounds like a lot but I would not notice it much on myself but it iw so true what they say that a picture is worth a 1000 words. So here they are my before and during pics. Both before pics were taken between December 26th 2014 and January 6th 2015 while I was vacationing in Cayo Coco Cuba and the during pics were taken during the last week.

This has for sure has giving me a boost to my ego LoL. I am seeing that I have some cheek bones and my arms feel much tighter and I love the all-around feeling I get. I am even finding myself smiling a lot more now days and man it just feels GREAT!!!

I would love to hear and see about your progress pics so don’t be afraid to share your success stories with me.

Here are the Pics of Progress





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