My Keto Journey June 29th 2015

HBiC, 06/29/2015

I started my first go at keto back on November 1st 2012. From November 2012 to April 2013 I had lost 44lbs. Life was great and then well I started to get back into my old habits and put some weight back on and would get back on the keto wagon and I yo-yoed around with about 25lbs.

I could put a lot of blah blah here but I am sure my story is a like like yours so I will spear you the details needless to say that I found myself at my highest weight ever tipping the scale at a big ERROR LOL ;\ 334lbs was the actual number

I decided to give keto another real shot and I can say that I have been doing it now for 36 days. I have lost 25 lbs so far.

I have decided that I will try my best to stick to a strict keto diet of less the 25gr of carbs a day but I know that there might be some days that I go over or even decide to have a none keto meal and you know what. I will not beat myself up over it I will vow tho that if I do decide to have a none keto meal that I will limit it to just that one and move right back on to keto. I will no treat these slip up as a cheat but rather as a small curve in the road to success.


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