My Keto Journey July 14th 2015

HBiC, 07/14/2015

Ok so today completes my 7th week on my keto journey doing low carb. I love it so far I went from 334lbs to 296.6 for a total weight loss of 37.4 lbs. I made a picture montage and myself I am not really noticing much of a change but I sure feel better.

I am noticing that my appetite has actually decreased so much that I find it hard to want to eat anything at all after I get home from work. In the past when I had this happen to me I had moved on to doing intermittent fasting where I would fast for 16 hours and eat during an 8 hour window. I might decide to do that again, not because I want to lose more weight but because I like the benefits of doing water fast (I have actually done a 14 day full water fast in the past) and well if I am not hungry I might as well set myself up with a little bit of a challenge.

In any case we will see.

So being that I was not hungry for supper the last 2 days and I was kindda below in my Macros I decided that I would have cheese for supper. Yum it is just delicious. This this Canadian Skouik Skouik firm unripened cheese. This stuff is for sure my go too for while on keto followed by bacon =-)

I purchase the 200g package it is enough for 2 meals for me. I cut it up in 8 equal pieces and fry 4 in the pan for one day and the next 4 for the next day.  a serving is 30 g so I am telling myself I am using 3.25 servings of this for a total of 300 calories, 24 g of fat and 3.25g of carbs. This is what is looks like once it is done.


Skouik Skouik Cheese





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