My Keto Journey August 3rd 2015

HBiC, 08/03/2015

I am so happy to report that I was able to overcome quite a few challenges over the last week.

NSV #1
I spent the night making 20 lbs of chocolate covered bacon, bacon chocolate pretzels and bacon fudge for a festival I will be selling at tomorrow and I didn’t even lick a finger. So proud of myself for that
Non low carb pic if you’re curious of what I was able to resist!!

2015-08-01 00.22.06

 NSV #2 this week.
So I was selling my chocolate bacon fudge and chocolate at a local festival. Bouffe ton Centro they block off the street and over 75 restaurants let you buy stuff for under 5$. So my first NSV was making all that bacon and not even linking a finger.

Well I was soon busy with sales I forgot to eat breakfast and lol sales were so good and I was so busy I totally forgot about lunch. I also ran out of my products so I had to rush home to make more. I was tempted to have a cheat day as everything smelled so good. I decided on 3 chicken kabobs with peanut sauce and no sides. I am ot too sure about the carb count in the sauce but it was my only meal for the day and I stayed on track so I do not care about the peanut sauce. . Yay for me.

Scale Victory
In my weight in this morning I am now down to 289.6lbs so that is a total of 44.4lbs lost in the last 2 1/3 months. Who knows I might just make my goal of 280 by August 15th before I head on off to my Cuban vacation =-).

So this is about it for me and my little victories at this time. Thank you very much for reading about My keto journey,  I look forward to chatting with you guys again soon.



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