My 30 Day Fitness challenge #ketolicious

HBiC, 07/21/2015

YAY so today I have completed my first Facebook workout challenge ever. It was the Guns, Buns and Abs fitness challenge.

Now there was a few hiccups along the way but all in all I feel like I did very well. The paper says to do push ups HAHA I thought to myself I am about 315lbs and have a bad knee there is no way I am doing that so I did wall pushups instead and it worked out ok for me. The first hiccup came on day 8 when I realized that we did not have weekends off LOL as you see there are 5 boxes so when I left to go camping that first Friday night I was proud that I did 5 days of the challenge and I didn’t think about it until Monday morning when I went to “restart” for the week. Well it so happened that I had missed 2 days =-(

So that Monday I did all the work out for day 6,7 and 8.

With that lesson learned I went on to continue doing the challenge when at around day 15th ( when I went to track the exercise into my Spark People application) I kindda realized that all along I was not actually doing lift lifts but rather I was doing knee lifts. I was standing still and raising my knee up as high as I could to me this was a leg lift haha. So apparently I was wrong and then when I saw what a real leg lift was I gave it a try and said ummmm nope not for me so I continued doing my knee lifts as my leg lifts.

Now mind you one of the reason I started this weight loss journey was because I had been having real bad pain in my right knee and I know I needed to lose weight. Well every single squats I have done would be accompanied by the crunching of my knee as it went up and down. My doctor even recommended that I do not do the squats but I was determined to stick it out =-) With that being said I am now so proud of myself for sticking to it as I cannot say I have completed this challenge.

2 days ago I also decided to buy myself some angle weights (5 lbs all together) I mean I figured since I lost 40lbs already it really should not make much of a difference. Umm boy was I wrong, these things are heavy and doing the knee lifts with these is a lot tougher. I am planning on continuing on wearing these for a long while so I will be sure to keep you updated on my progress with these.

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