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HBiC, 09/04/2015

So as some of you might have noticed I have been MIA for a lil bit over 2 weeks. I was actually gone on a vacation. It was a solo 14 day trip to Beautiful Cayo Coco in Cuba. I stayed at the Memories Caribe Beach Resort and it was such a great vacation.


Cayo Coco Cuba August 2015

I spent 14 days doing what I love the most in the world, reading, tanning and swimming at the beach.

My day pretty much consisted of the same thing every day with some small verity in the restaurants but it was pretty consistent.

I woke up early and went to the beach around 6:00 am every morning (It is still dark at this time in Cayo Coco the sun does not rise until about 6:45 – 7am) At this time I would just enjoy the scenery of the moon, sun and waves crashing (I do have about over 8 hours of beach recording if you are interested in listening) I would then spend about an hour working on a book I am trying to write. I would then leave the beach to have breakfast which was the same every morning for me. 2 small French toast, 4 small hash brown, 1 egg and a small croissant with Orange Juice and a coffee.

I would then return to my room to apply sunscreen and walk all of 59 seconds to get to the beach. I would spend the whole day there until 6 pm. During my vacation I put my new waterproof kindle by WaterFi  to the ultimate test. I would spend many hours on a float in the ocean reading and also sitting directly in the ocean with my kindle. I read 15 books during my vacation. Here is a list of the books I read;


James Patterson
Truth or Die
Hope to Die
Worst Case

Jena Deleon
Soldier of Fortune
Gator Bait
Swamp Team 3

Loose Ends D.D VanDyke
Malevolent E.H Reinhard
Before the Killing Starts James Harper
Murder on the Go
The Sun Killer 


Lunch was directly on the beach with either a small pizza or hamburger on some days or nothing at all on others, I went with my hunger. Supper consisted of different a la carte menu every night at 8 pm with some occasional buffet supper that would include rice, potatoes, meat and bread. Some people might find me boring as I am sad to say I was sleeping most night by 9:30pm. I didn’t watch any TV while I was there and only accessed Wi Fi 2 nights to check up on a nearing Hurricane situation. This was a total relaxation vacation.

I knew ahead of time that I would not be sticking to low carb while on vacation and was prepared with about a 10-15lbs weight gain. However I was very surprised when I stepped on my scale yesterday to see that I had only gained about 3 lbs. =-)

I have not restarted low carb yet I plan on doing that this Thursday as I came back from vacation on Sunday and also picked up my kids from their 2 month vacation with their dad. That along with the beginning of school yesterday has me not prepared. I will be back on track Thursday and will also plan on starting a new workout challenge as well then. Thanks for reading until next time have a wonderful day!!


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