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I guess it is a customary thing to tell people about yourself so I will no longer keep you in suspense and divulge myself to you dear readers =-)


I am a Libra and that means I have this immense need to create thing all the time LOL. The creativity that flows through me is unreal but I try my best to keep it under control. I am at my happiest when I am crafting it just brings me joy and I like it. I have always been a bit of a rebel and like to push things to the limit; this shows in my creations for sure. I color outside the lines, go for big wow statements and enjoy a WTF moment.

I am a mother and most time father to 2 lovely kids, a young adult and a Yorkie named Phatty. They sure know how to keep me on my toes. All my children are also very creative so this is a great pastime that we get to share together and it helps us bond.

I hold a degree in Multimedia and Web Design from NEiT from 2005 and have work in that field for a short period of time. I am currently a level 2 Exchange technicians for a company that offers well Exchange and SharePoint. I LOVE my job it is some repetitive work but I get a thrill out of helping people fixing their problems.

My favorite food is Mexican.
I LOVE Purple  it is my favorite color.
I listen to all types of music but recently have been gearing towards Reaggaeton.
I am fluent in French, English and can have a basic Spanish conversation.
My all-time Favorite movie is Memento.
I have been to Cuba 5 time and I ADORE the beach there.
My favorite genre of movies is Horror.
Halloween is my Favorite Holiday.
James Patterson is my favorite author followed closely by Janet Evanovich.
I secretly want to be a private detective and my idols are Jessica Fletcher and Nancy Drew



That is it for now; if you have any other questions do not hesitate to holla at me.
HBiC aka Head Bitch in Charge


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