A week of NSV and a small slip up while being on Keto Low Carb

HBiC, 07/24/2015

W0OT!!!! NSV for sure =-)

1st I declined to go to a specific restaurant because I knew I would be too tempted to eat non keto. So we decided to go to another place and I was able to get a yummy low carb friendly supper right off the menu. Steak with garlic mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower and a cedar salad. It was delicious and felt good to stay on track. Victory #1steak

My scale has been acting funny the last few days so until I go get a new one I can’t get an accurate reading. With that being said on Wednesday evening I was tired of yo yoing with the same 2 lbs for the past week so I had a planned non low carb meal. I had a poutine which to me is like my trigger food and a cheese burger. After I was done with that I found my head trying to tell me to eat some chocolate or something else and I was stern and said NO!!! it was just the meal to try to kick start my keto again!!! LOL so that was in a way victory in itself as I was strong enough to not binge. Victory #2

Last month I did a 30day workout challenge called Guns, Buns and Abs it was a challenge when you weight over 315lbs but I managed to get through that. You can read my story about that here.

I decided to start a new work out challenge on Wednesday if you are interested in that it is mainly for the upper arms  you can find that here if you are interested and if you want to read that post do so here.

Well in any case I decided to measure myself this morning. The last time I did that according to sparkpeople.com was in Jan 2015 and I am happy to report that I have lost 7 fricking inches off my waist and bust, 6 inches off my thighs, 5 inches from my hips, 3 inches off my arms and 1 inch from my calf. =-) WHAT!!! That is crazy mind you I started Keto/ low carb on May 26th 2015 so I might have been higher with the measurements. In any case this is making me soooooo HAPPY TODAY,  I feel like I am on cloud nine right now. Victory #3

So here are my current measurements

Arm 16 = 3 inches loss

Bust 50 = 7 inches loss

Calf 20 = 1 inches loss

Hips 57 = 5 inches loss

Neck 14 same

Thighs 30 = 6 inches loss

Waist 47= 7 inches loss


So YAY me, I am going to stay on track and enjoy this new lifestyle of mines =-)

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