My Keto Journey July 8th 2015

HBiC, 07/08/2015

It seems like I have had a battle with food most of my life and recently my doctor diagnosed me with bulimia so she gave me meds for that. I was pretty skepetical of taking meds as I do not really like to take meds. I gave it a shot and I started to notice that my appetite was indeed decreasing drasticly and that I was no longer being drawn to certain foods.

Knowing that I did keto in the past and had some success with it ( lost about 50 lbs) I decided to give keto another shot on May 26th 2015 so today marks the beginning of my 7th week on keto.

This time around I stated my journey at 334 lbs =-(
Scary to say but I need to own up to that so it is best to face reality head on right.
I weighted in this morning at 302.2 lbs so that puts my weight loss at almost 32 lbs in 6 weeks. =-)

Man that makes me feel good.

When I started I had really bad swollen ankles/feet, and unbearable knee pain. I am happy to say no more swollen ankles and my knee pain is still there but not as persistent.
The first 4 week I did not do any exercise just change my way of eating. Then on June 22nd I decided to join in on this Facebook workout challenge where you do squats, pushups and leg lift with increasing every day. I have been doing this for 16 days now and it is became part of my routine. I however did not realize until day 14 that leg lifts were done laying down so I am doing my own version I guess it is called a knee lift. In any case it does not have to be perfect at least I am doing some exercise.

Some of my friends either tell me that it is not healthy to eat the way I do and other are curious as to how I am doing it so I decided to give you a generic idea of what most of my daily meals look like. I do not care about counting my calories the only thing that I care about is trying to stay below 25 gr of carbs each day.

I am doing the low carb lifestyle at the moment so my typical meals are as follows

Breakfast = Ham and cheese scramble eggs
2 eggs
4 slice deli black forest ham
1 slice Kraft single


Snack 1
60 gr of Monetary Jack cheese

Lunch = Ham and Cheese sandwich
1 Flatout Healthy Grain Flatbread 4 slice deli black forest ham
2 slice Cracker Barrel Deli Swiss Cheese
2 tbs mayo
2 tbs spicy deli mustard


Snack 2
Oven Roasted Chicken Souvlaki Protinis


By the time I ate all of this and get home I am no longer hungry so I do not have a supper. On occasion tho I might make myself some pan fried cheese if I get hungry.


Sometimes I make different things but I tend to like the simplicity of things and just go with the flow.

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